Skate Parks and BMX

Skate Parks and BMX

The City of Greater Sudbury has a number of great facilities for those who like to skateboard and BMX. 

Hours of Operation

  • All skateboard parks are open from May to October (weather permitting)
  • Open daily from dawn to dusk
  • No fee for use unless otherwise noted

Skate Park Locations

BMX Facility at Rotary Park

Location: The BMX track is located at Rotary Park (Adanac Ski Hill): 

744 Beatrice Crescent
Sudbury, ON
P3A 5B5

Hours of Operation:

  • Open from May 1 to October 31 (weather and track conditions permitting)
  • Open daily from dawn to dusk


  • The track has been built to United Cycliste Internationale (UCI) standards in partnership with the Ontario Cycling Association.

BMX Club:

  • The City of Greater Sudbury is looking for interested participants and volunteers to establish a local BMX club to assist with maintenance of the track, encourage registration and help organize events.  
  • The club will work with the City and the Ontario Cycling Association, who will provide support for volunteer training, coach’s clinics, seminars and promotion of the sport.
  • Interested individuals are asked to contact 705-674-4455, extension 2472.

The City of Greater Sudbury is fully committed to safeguarding the well-being of all users of skateboard parks. Park users must understand and accept the responsibilities of representing a youth sport in this community. All participants must display a positive public attitude at all times, following the principals of conduct listed below.

Ride safe and have fun!  Violations may result in the loss of these public facilities.

Respectful Behaviour

  • Please show courtesy to other participants, other facility users, people in authority, equipment and the environment.
  • Treat all riders and spectators with respect. Assist new participants and spectators to understand the sport and philosophy, so that they may also enjoy the sport.
  • Please help to keep the park and grounds clean and safe.
  • Refrain from the use of drugs, alcohol, tobacco, obscene gestures and abusive language.


  • Wait your turn, respect the sport, play fairly and follow all rules and regulations. Resolve conflict without resorting to hostility or violence.


  • Be responsible for your own actions and discourage any behaviour or practice that could endanger the health and well-being of any facility user.
  • Familiarize yourself with the lines of travel before using the facility.
  • Notify other users by calling out your intended line of travel. Participants should be alert to avoid possible collisions with other users or equipment.
  • Always ride in control, keeping a safe distance from others. Know your abilities and ride within them.

Good Citizenship

  • Be a role model and lead by example, demonstrating fair play, positive support and good sportsmanship to all involved