Programs and Activities

Register for Winter Leisure Programs!

Aerobics Classes

Classes in Naughton.

Aqua Fitness

Available at all five pool locations.

Become a Swim Instructor/Lifeguard

See swim instructor/lifeguard courses we offer

Dance Classes for Adults

Classes in Hanmer.

Family Day Activities 2019

Check out the fun indoor and outdoor activities you can do with your family on Family Day!

Fitness Classes - Dowling and Hanmer

Aerobics, yoga, bootcamp, pilates and more!

Fitness Classes for Women

Classes in Copper Cliff.

Photography Classes

Classes at Kinsmen Hall in Lively and Minnow Lake Place in Sudbury.

Photography Classes - Dowling

Classes in Dowling.

Program Registration and Cancellation

Register online, in person or by phone.

Public Skating

Locations across the city.

Public Swimming

Available at all five pool locations.

Swimming Lessons

Lessons at all five pool locations.

Taekwondo - Falconbridge

Classes in Falconbridge.

Taekwondo - Sudbury

Classes in Sudbury.

Tai Chi - Dowling

Classes in Dowling.

Tai Chi - Onaping

Classes in Onaping.

Walking Programs

Indoor walking programs at arena/community centre locations

Yoga at Community Centres

Classes in Azilda, Lively, Naughton, Onaping and Sudbury (Delki Dozzi).

Yoga at Fitness Centres

Classes in Dowling, Falconbridge and Hanmer.

Youth Centres

Locations across the city.