Draft Transportation Master Plan

The City of Greater Sudbury has completed the draft version of its Transportation Master Plan and will be presenting the plan to City Council on Tuesday, December 13. The Master Plan is an update from the 2005 study and focuses on a sustainable transportation network for vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists along with their projected needs up until the year 2031.

The objectives of this study are to develop a plan that supports the transportation vision and principles through improvement of the existing road network, enhancement and expansion of active transportation facilities; and the incorporation and development of additional transportation policies.

Key opportunities in Greater Sudbury include creating transportation choices to better support biking, walking, and transit at this time; identifying intersections and corridors that would benefit from reduced traffic congestion; creating a transportation network which offers more direct routing; and providing the transportation network needed to support intensified land use in designated growth areas.

Once finalized, the Transportation Master Plan will be appended to the City of Greater Sudbury’s Official Plan.

Feedback is encouraged via the online form available on the webpage.

Memo re: Changes Made to the Transportation Study Report since the October 2015 Council Meeting (.pdf - 66 kb)

Draft Transportation Master Plan by section:

Table of Contents, List of Figures, List of Tables, List of Appendices (.pdf - 498 kb)

Executive Summary (.pdf - 314 kb)

Section 1 - Introduction (.pdf - 333 kb)

Section 2 - Public Consultation Summary (.pdf - 504 kb)

Section 3 - Greater Sudbury Today: Existing Transportation Conditions (.pdf - 3,189 kb)

Section 4 - Transportation Planning Context (.pdf - 278 kb)

Section 5 - Transporation Vision Statement, Principles, Objectives and Process (.pdf - 484 kb)

Section 6 - Active Transportation: Cycling and Walking (.pdf - 521 kb)

Section 7 - Future Transportation Needs (.pdf - 731 kb)

Section 8 - Transporation Planning Alternatives (.pdf - 10,317 kb)

Section 9 - Cycling and Pedestrian Master Plan (.pdf - 12,300 kb)

Section 10 - Policies to support  the preferred Transportation Alternative (.pdf - 4,868 kb)

Section 11 - Transporation Study Report Implementation (.pdf - 8,001 kb)

Section 12 - Recommendations (.pdf - 232 kb)

Appendices - (.pdf - 43, 216 kb)