Transportation Demand Management

Transportation Demand Management

Transportation Demand Management (TDM) is a wide range of policies, programs, services and products that influence how, why, when and where people travel to create a more sustainable transportation network. The objectives are to encourage individuals to:

  • change modes of transportation (walk, cycle, take transit or carpool instead of driving alone),
  • travel less (telework, link several purposes in one trip), or
  • change trip times or routes (choose off-peak hours or less congested roads).

Transportation Demand Management Plan

In December 2016, Greater Sudbury Council adopted a Transportation Master Plan which recommends a sustainable approach to planning and managing the local transportation network by making the most effective use of infrastructure for motorists, public transit, cyclists and pedestrians.

The Transportation Master Plan recommended that the City develop a Transportation Demand Management (TDM) Plan to complement infrastructure delivery for transit, walking and cycling.

The TDM Plan for Greater Sudbury was approved by Council in June 2018:

Background Information

See previous reports and presentations delivered to the Operations Committee of Greater Sudbury Council on the topic of Transportation Demand Management:

TDM Public Engagement

Between May 15 and June 9, 2017, residents were invited to complete an online survey to provide the City with important information to develop a TDM Plan that will focus on moving people, rather than vehicles, throughout Greater Sudbury.

The survey was completed by nearly 1500 residents, providing excellent data about how people travel throughout the community. Click the graphic below to see highlights of the TDM Survey results.

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Greater Sudbury’s Transportation Demand Management Plan was made possible by the Canada-Ontario Public Transit Infrastructure Fund (PTIF). The Government of Canada is cost-matching a municipal investment of $27,500 for the plan under the administration of the Ontario Ministry of Transportation.