Bike Boxes

Bike Boxes

What is a bike box?

Bike Boxes are painted areas located at intersections with traffic signals to designate a space for cyclists and are distinct because of their vivid green colour.

This designated area significantly increases the visibility of cyclists, making motorists more aware of their presence. Bike Boxes make it easier and safer for a cyclist waiting at an intersection to make a left turn in two stages, rather than having to merge across multiple lanes, while trying to signal and enter into the left-turn lane.

To turn left, cyclists ride up into the box to wait during a red light. They then proceed first through the intersection, ahead of waiting vehicles, when the light turns green.

How are bike boxes used?


  • If turning right on a red light from the cross street, watch for cyclists entering the bike box from the bike lane
  •  If a cyclist is already waiting in the bike box at a red light, motorists must wait until the light turns green and the cyclist begins to proceed through the intersection to move
  • When turning right on a green light, yield to cyclists proceeding from the bike box before making the turn
  • If going straight on a green light, pass cyclists on the left only when it is safe to do so


  • When the traffic signal for the cross street is red, cyclists enter the bike box from the bike lane
  • You should position yourself and your bicycle to the right side of the bike box in order to leave room for other cyclists
  • When the light turns green, ride straight through the intersection in the traffic lane, not the crosswalk
  • If there is more than one cyclist in the bike box, let the cyclist to the right proceed first

Where are bike boxes located?

Greater Sudbury currently has one bike box which is located at:

  • Second Avenue and Scarlett Road in Minnow Lake