Strong Neighbours Climate Change Resilience Project

The City launched the Strong Neighbours Climate Change Resilience Project in 2022. This project, partially funded by ICLEI Canada, identified neighbourhoods that are particularly vulnerable to climate impacts (from events such as heat waves, flooding, sewage backups or power outages) and to work with the affected community to establish and implement a neighbour-led climate adaptation action.

To continue the work initiated in 2022, the EarthCare Sudbury program will continue to engage with neighbourhoods to understand their climate change adaptation challenges. For more information, please contact

2022/2023 Strong Neighbours projects and leads:

  1. Lively Playground, Walden Community Action Network (CAN)
  2. Claude Charbonneau Playground, Flour Mill Community Action Network (CAN)

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Claude Charbonneau Park, 600 Percy Avenue 

A water filling station and bench umbrella holders have been installed through the Flour Mill CAN at Claude Charbonneau Park. Refillable water bottles were also distributed to all the students in the Flour Mill community through École St. Joseph and Queen Elizabeth II Public School. In an upcoming community event, water bottles and sun umbrellas will also be distributed. Both items are specially labelled with the “Keepin’ chill in the Flour Mill/Combattre la chaleur dans le Moulin à fleur” slogan. Students also heard about the importance of drinking water for our overall health and other ways to stay cool during the summer months.
Lively Playground, 2015 Sixth Avenue

Through the Walden CAN, the park gazebo has become a great example of how redirecting rainwater through eavestrough extensions can be a great way to use the rainwater and reduce basement flooding. The volunteers installed eavestroughs to the gazebo and connected it to two eavestrough extensions, one leading to a rain barrel and the other draining water far from the gazebo into a rain garden that the group planted. The Walden CAN also distributed eavestroughs to others in the community with information about downspout disconnection, how to reduce the chances of basement flooding and how to use the re-directed rainwater. 
Flour Mill Arboretum

Through the Junction Creek Stewardship Committee, 15 volunteers got together to plant 30 trees and shrubs at the Flour Mill Arboretum and created a winding trail throughout the green space. Beaver guards were also installed in 2022, and a climate change presentation was given to a group of youth. 
Photo credit:  Junction Creek Stewardship Committee and the City of Greater Sudbury

Morel Family Foundation Park, 270 Second Avenue

An outdoor water filling station was installed at Morel Family Foundation Park to help community members stay hydrated and replenish their water bottles during the warm summer months.

Climate Change Resilient Community Park Diagram
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