Community Action Networks

Community Action Networks (CANs) bring people together to build a Healthy Community. Healthy Communities are strong and vibrant. They emerge from the collaborative efforts of citizens who care about where they live and want to make their neighbourhoods the best they can possibly be. Community Action Networks provide resources to make this happen.

The City of Greater Sudbury recognizes the following benefits in establishing and supporting Community Action Networks:

  • CANs enhance the overall quality of life in Greater Sudbury’s social, environmental and economic sectors.
  • CANs enable citizens to participate, appreciate, and fully understand the services offered by community organizations and groups.
  • CANs help to identify community needs and establish co-operative working relationships.
  • CANs promote democracy and inclusiveness by giving participants (community members, City Council, and City staff), a unique vehicle to work in harmony toward common goals.
  • CANs provide a mechanism for planning at the community level by identifying the different projects with which individual Community Action Networks will be involved.
  • CANS take action and implement projects and initiatives which have a positive impact on the quality of life in Greater Sudbury.

For general information about Community Action Networks, please call the City of Greater Sudbury at 311.

The City is undertaking a comprehensive review of the Community Action Network (CAN) program, including CAN's organizational structure, mandate, current status, and alignment with the City of Greater Sudbury's strategic priorities. The review aligns with the 2019-2027 Strategic Plan and will help inform the development of a community engagement strategy.
If you are thinking of starting a CAN in your area, requests will be considered following the completion of the CAN review and once City Council has reviewed recommendations, expected in late summer/early fall 2024.

Community Action Networks have been formed in the following areas:

Azilda CAN

Lindsay Laur
Facebook: Azilda Community Action Network

Capreol CAN

Barbara Boucher
Phone: 705-988-5252
Facebook: Capreol Can

Chelmsford CAN

Aaron Lacasse
Phone: 705-855-2219

Coniston CAN

Eddie Astgen


Copper Cliff CAN

Sean Hattie
Facebook: Copper Cliff CAN

Donovan/Elm West CAN

Zachary St. Jean

Dowling CAN

Carmen Portelance
Facebook: Dowling CAN Community Action Network

Flour Mill CAN

Claude Charbonneau
Phone: 705-674-0242

Garson-Falconbridge CAN

Leo LebBlanc


Kingsmount-Bell Park CAN

Michael Penwarden

Levack CAN

Chantelle Gorham
Ph: 705-966-9666
Facebook: Levack Community Action Network (Levack CAN)

Minnow Lake- Ward 11 CAN

Richard Charette 

Ph: 705-822-7214


Onaping Falls CAN

Amanda Linton
Facebook: Onaping Falls CAN

South End CAN

Facebook: SE CAN - South End Community Action Network

Uptown CAN

Cortney St. Jean

Valley East CAN

Suzanne Leblanc
Ph: 705-507-0381
Facebook: Valley East Community Action Network

Walden CAN

Kendra MacIsaac 
Katie Ambeau-Parent
Facebook: Walden Community Action Network

Ward 1 CAN

Kallie Berens 

Jacob Attrill

Facebook: Ward 1 CAN - Sudbury

Ward 8 CAN (New Sudbury East of Barry Downe)

Rachelle Niemela
Phone: 705-822-1276
Facebook: Ward 8 CAN

New Sudbury West CAN

Julie Labre and Spenser McCall (Co-Chairs)