Neighbourhood Associations

What are Neighbourhood Associations?

Neighbourhood Associations are volunteer organizations that work in co-operation with the City of Greater Sudbury to improve the quality of life in their community. Each Neighbourhood Association organizes and promotes local leisure opportunities to meet the needs of area residents.

How do Neighbourhood Associations enhance our community?

Neighbourhood Associations are involved with a variety of programs, activities and special events, including community clean-ups, winter carnivals, outdoor rinks and facilities. Many Neighbourhood Associations sponsor facility improvements through fundraising initiatives.
Associations also manage community meeting places for residents and other community organizations. Most importantly, Neighbourhood Associations develop a sense of community and encourage healthy lifestyles for residents of all ages.

What support does the City of Greater Sudbury provide?

In addition to providing and maintaining the Neighbourhood Association facilities, the City of Greater Sudbury assists Neighbourhood Associations by providing resource staff, assisting with volunteer recruitment, providing an annual grant, developing training opportunities for volunteers and promoting programs and activities.

So, how do I get involved?

Getting involved is as simple as becoming a participant or volunteering to assist with programs and special events. There are also opportunities to become a member of your Neighbourhood Association’s executive committee, an event-organizing committee, or assisting with events and programs within your area.