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EarthCare Sudbury Breakfast - The Joy of Biking

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Date: Thursday, June 27, 2019
Time:  8:00 a.m.
Location:  Verdicchio Ristorante, 1351-D Kelly Lake Road, Sudbury, Ontario

Panel discussion on biking to work in Greater Sudbury. What are barriers for cyclists? How can businesses and EarthCare Sudbury Partners encourage their staff and customers, and reap the benefits

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EarthCare Sudbury

EarthCare Sudbury works to enhance our environment, create a healthier community, and strengthen the local economy.

EarthCare Sudbury is a unique partnership between:

  • the City of Greater Sudbury
  • over 150 community, agencies, organizations and businesses
  • hundreds of residents

We have developed a Local Action Plan (PDF, 6.47 MB) which provides a blueprint to how we, as a community, can take action to protect our environment, while improving our quality of life and building a strong local economy. 

Community Partners

Earthcare Sudbury is grateful to our community partners for their commitment to a cleaner, greener, healthier, more climate-friendly and sustainable community.

Become an Earthcare Sudbury Partner

If your company or organization would like to become an EarthCare Sudbury Partner:

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