Ugliest Schoolyard Contest

Ugliest Schoolyard Contest

Greater Sudbury’s Ugliest Schoolyard Contest takes place every spring, and is hosted by VETAC, City Council’s Advisory Panel on Regreening. The purpose of the contest is to help local schools create greener and healthier schoolyards.

How it works

Every year local elementary and secondary schools compete for the title of ugliest schoolyard in Greater Sudbury. A winning school is awarded the grand prize and runner ups may also be selected, depending on funding. The winning school receives resources to regreen their schoolyard. Runner ups receive smaller amounts for similar projects.

A landscape designer will work with the school to design the project and the Sudbury Master Gardeners and Sudbury Horticultural Society assist in selecting plant material. Local businesses and organizations donate equipment and supplies.

The winning school must commit to:

  • hosting the launch of the project at the school site;
  • erecting a suitable sign on the site which will include the logos of our organization and the sponsors;
  • supporting the project for at least one year.

This contest is made possible through a major financial contribution from Sudbury Integrated Nickel Operations (Sudbury INO), a Glencore Company.

Ugliest Schoolyard Contest 2021

Due to continued COVID-19 restrictions, and current lock-down status, the contest did not as usual again this year. Two Schools submitted applications last year before the contest was canceled. They proved to be excellent submissions and very worthy of support. VETAC has therefore decided to provide outdoor classrooms at Valley View Public School and Lockerby Composite School this year. Support for a small project at the Montessori School of Sudbury was provided.

Transformations took place in late summer before school resumed in September.

The City of Greater Sudbury gratefully acknowledges the support of the following organizations and businesses in the schoolyard transformation activities:

Azilda Greenhouses
Brown’s Concrete
Dixon Contracting
Futurescape Landscaping
Jetty's Landscape Supplies
Pioneer Construction

Sudbury Horticultural Society

Southview Greenhouse Growers

Special thanks to our major sponsor:

Sudbury Integrated Nickel Operations, a Glencore Company

Sudbury Integrated Nickel Operations - A Glencore Company

Lockerby Composite School Photos

Valley View Public School Photos

Motessori School of Sudbury Photos

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