VETAC - Regreening Advisory Panel








VETAC, City Council’s Advisory Panel on Regreening, was established in 1973. Their mandate is to work towards the recovery of self-sustaining, indigenous terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems in Greater Sudbury through the City's Regreening Program. VETAC also provides the community with opportunities to participate in this initiative by improving the environment at home, in neighbourhoods, and on public lands.


  • Membership includes volunteer technical experts from government, academia, industry and the community.
  • Members are not appointed by Council but are selected by the Panel on the basis of their interest and qualifications.

The current membership will be reinstated annually, unless:

  • the member wishes to resign by indication to the Chair;
  • or by virtue of continuous and consecutive absences at meetings with the number of acceptable absences to be determined by the Panel, at which time the Panel will seek interested members.


  • Permanent


Stephen Monet
Phone: 705-674-4455 extension 4297