Community Safety and Well-Being Advisory Panel


To advise and assist Council in the development and implementation of an inclusive and diverse Greater Sudbury Population Health, Safety and Well-Being (PHSWB) Plan that meets the legislative requirements under the Safer Ontario Act, 2018, and that is in alignment with the City’s strategic priorities.


  • One representative of Ontario Health,
  • One representative of Health Sciences North,
  • One representative of Public Health Sudbury & Districts,
  • Two representatives of the Greater Sudbury Police Service,
  • One representative from a French school board,
  • One representative from an English school board,
  • One representation of a community and/or social service agency,
  • Two representatives from the Indigenous community,
  • One member of Council.


To coincide with the term of Council.


Sherri Moroso
Phone: 705-674-4455 extension 2449