Unattended Pets in Hot Vehicles

Unattended Pets in Hot Vehicles

Even on a relatively mild day, temperatures in parked cars can become dangerous in a matter of minutes. Opening or lowering the windows does little or nothing to protect pets.

Under the Provincial Animal Welfare Services Act, it is against the law to leave a pet unattended in a parked vehicle in a manner that endangers the health or safety of the animal.

Report an unattended pet in a hot vehicle

  • If you see a dog or cat that you believe may be in trouble, ask nearby stores to page customers. 
  • If you believe the dog or cat is in obvious distress, dial 911 for fire or police.

When calling to report an animal in a hot car, please be prepared to answer the following questions:

  • What is your name and phone number?
  • What is the location, make, model and colour of the vehicle?
  • Is the vehicle running?
  • Is the vehicle parked in the shade?
  • Are the windows down?
  • About how long has the pet been left alone in the vehicle?
  • Is the pet sitting, lying down, or panting?
  • How does the animal react to a knock on the window?
  • Is there water in the vehicle for the animal?