Technical Documents

Design and CADD Standards for Facilities

Division #3 - Special Provisions for Facilities

This document describes basic requirements and expectations related to the submission of AutoCAD based drawing documentation for SCADA, Controls & Instrumentation for vertical works projects managed by the Greater Sudbury Engineering Group. It is intended to provide guidelines for the development of CADD drawing files utilized throughout all phases of a project and to allow for effective archiving and future maintenance of the infrastructure records.

SCADA, Controls & Instrumentation Drafting Standards

The drafting templates are not available online at the present time, but are available upon request.

CADD Standards & Specifications

Drafting Standards and Specifications December 2023 

Procedure Document for Preparation of AutoCAD Drawings - November 2021

Drawing Templates and Checklists

Civil 3D(.dwt)

Example Drawings and Sample Files

As Built Drawing Plan & Profile - September 2021(.pdf)

As-Built (2D) Drawing Plan & Profile - September 2021 (.dwg)

As-Built (C3D) Drawings Plan & Profile - September 2023(.dwg)

Change Order - August 2013 (.pdf)

Example Redline Drawings - September 2007 (.pdf)

Preliminary Base Plan - September 2021 (.pdf)

Road Construction Plan & Profile - September 2021 (.pdf)

Road Construction Drawings (C3D) – September 2023 (.dwg)

Sanitary & Water Plan & Profile - September 2021 (.pdf)

Storm Sewer Plan & Profile - September 2021 (.pdf)

Traffic Signal Layout - January 2020 (.dwg)

Traffic Signal Layout As Built (.dwg)

Script Files

R-Colour (As Built) 

S-Colour (Preliminary Base Plan)

CADD Standards & Specifications contact:

For additional information, please contact Engineering Services at 705-674-4455 extension 4235 or 




Design Standards for Linear Construction 

Engineering Survey Standards

Example As Built Data Collection Requirements

Example Survey Drawing

Example Survey Text File

Field Coding Example Diagrams

Field Coding Procedure

Master Field Code Library

MTM Zone 81 Map Projection

Vertical control benchmarks can be obtained from ARC online by visiting

Engineering Survey Standards contact:
Horizontal and Vertical Control benchmarks:
Benoit Liard
Control Survey Leader
200 Brady St, 2nd Floor TDS.
(705) 674-4455 ext. 4541

Other Standards

Historical Documents

    City of Greater Sudbury Supplemental Specifications

    City of Greater Sudbury Standard Drawings

    General Conditions

    Engineering Design Manual 

    See the previous version of the Engineering Design Manual - November 2012

    Protocol for Watermain, Water Service and Wastewater Connections

    See the previous version of Protocol for Watermain, Water Service and Wastewater Connections - Nov. 2018 (PDF, 1.55 MB)

    See the previous Protocol for Watermain, Water Service and Wastewater Connections - March 2017 (PDF, 7.34 MB)