Part III First Appearances

If you have been issued a Summons at roadside for a Part III Offence you will not receive a court notice from the Sudbury POA office. The Summons that you receive will advise you of the date and time that you are to appear before a Justice of the Peace in order to have your matter addressed. When you are issued a Summons, you will also receive a supplemental information sheet that will provide you with the information you will need to access the ZOOM platform and attend virtual court.

Please take a close look at this information sheet as it provides important information for your scheduled court appearance such as:

  • The time that you are to appear before a Justice of the Peace, which is based on the first letter of your last name.
  • The link to the court proceeding for both video and audio appearances, as well as the meeting ID, and access code/participant ID that you will need in order to join the meeting.
  • The contact information for the prosecutor should you wish to contact them prior to your court date to discuss your matter.

If you were issued a Part III Summons and cannot find or have lost the information you need to access the court proceeding please contact the Sudbury POA office immediately to obtain it.

The first letter of your last name will determine the time that you are required to join the court proceeding.