Crowns / Prosecutors / Agents / Charging Agencies

When matters are scheduled for court, the information you will need to access court via the ZOOM platform will be sent to you by the Sudbury POA office. Upon the scheduling of a matter for court (except for Part III matters as they are issued a Summons upon charging), defendants are provided with a Court Notice and supplemental information sheet. These two pieces of information provide defendants with the number for the Crown or Prosecutor to contact prior to their court date if they wish to do so as well as the information to join the court proceeding via ZOOM.

The process for Crowns, Prosecutors, Agents and Charging Agencies to access the ZOOM court appearance is the same process that is used for defendants.

Click here for information on how to access the court proceeding.

When you enter into the court proceeding you will be placed into the waiting room until court is ready to begin.

When you enter into the court proceeding you are asked to make sure that the name displayed is your own and is displayed properly i.e.: Jane Doe, Title.

As noted, different appearance types have different Meeting IDs and Access/Participant Codes so it is important to ensure that you have the correct information for the court date.

With the move to the use of the ZOOM platform there are many changes to the way in which matters are dealt with before a Justice of the Peace.

The upper courts have been conducting matters for a number of months and as such there are some resources from the Federal Courts that you may find useful as you prepare to have your matter heard before a Justice of the Peace.

The way in which exhibits are presented to the court has also changed with the move to ZOOM. For information on this new process please click here.