General Information

  • Please note that every type of court appearance has a different Meeting ID and Passcode/Participant ID. It is extremely important to read all of the information provided on your Court Notice and the Supplemental Information provided to you to ensure that you attending your court appearance on the right date and time and using the correct information to access your court appearance.
  • Additional Note: If you are appearing via video conferring using a smart phone or tablet, you may need to download the ZOOM app and adjust your devices privacy settings.
  • If you are calling in via phone and still wish to appear via video please keep yourself on mute on the video portion of your appearance.
  • It is a good idea to use a headset, ear buds or headphones in order to minimize background noise and to be able to hear and be heard clearly throughout the court proceeding.
  • For Crowns and Prosecutors, only one person in a shared office can use the platform at the same time otherwise there can be significant feedback generated.