Aquatic Insects

Below is a list of the documented aquatic insects in Lake Nepahwin:

  • Alderflies

  • Amphipods

  • Beetles (crawling water, predaceous diving, whirlig)

  • Caddisflies (micro, trumpetnet, tubemaking)

  • Case Makers (longhorned)

  • Clams - freshwater (fingernail, pea)

  • Clubtails

  • Damselflies (narrowwinged)

  • Earthworms (aquatic)

  • Leeches

  • Midges

  • Midges (biting)

  • Nematodes

  • Snails (planorbid, sunken)

  • Squaregills (small)

  • Turbellarians

  • Water Mites

  • Worms (horsehair)

For more information and pictures of some of the macro invertebrates (aquatic insects) found in Greater Sudbury lakes, please visit the Aquatic Insects Information section of our website.