How to Apply for RIISP

Step One: Submit your application

Carefully review the eligibility requirements to ensure your property qualifies for a subsidy. If you have any questions regarding your eligibility for the program, please contact the City of Greater Sudbury at 705-674-4455, ext. 3600.

Step Two: Review the Requirements

  • Consult with at least two plumbers/contractors licensed by the City of Greater Sudbury to determine the appropriate protective measures to best resolve the potential flooding problems for the property.
  • The property owner will be permitted to hire the contractor/plumber of their choice but the municipal subsidy will be based on the lowest quote.

Step Three:  City Inspection

A no charge site visit by a representative of Greater Sudbury’s Water/Wastewater Services is mandatory.  The City will contact the property owner to arrange a visit at the qualifying property.

Step Four: Submit required paperwork

  • The property owner must obtain at least two quotes from a licensed plumber/contractor, where the application pertains to the purchase and installation of a backwater valve, sump pit/pump, and/or the installation of the lining for a sewer lateral service
  • The property owner must be given permission to purchase and install rain barrel devices and/ or eavestrough extender devices for their property by the City.  The property owner will be permitted to choose the rain barrel style of their choice and determine how they must be permanently attached to the residential building.

If your application is eligible for a subsidy, you will receive a letter indicating the amount of the approved subsidy.  If your application is ineligible or incomplete, you will be sent a letter with an explanation.

Step Five: Proceed with installation

  • Once a letter approving the subsidy is received, the property owner will have up to six months to complete the work and submit proof of payment to the City. 
  • The property owner will arrange for a licensed plumber/contractor to install the protective devices and will obtain a building/plumbing permit and connection permit for the proposed work if the project involves the installation of a backwater valve, sump pit/pump, and/or sewer lateral lining. 
  • Rain barrels and eavestrough extender installations do not require a permit.

Step Six: Request an inspection

  • The property owner must coordinate a mandatory inspection by an official of the City of Greater Sudbury’s Building Services.  Installed plumbing must meet and pass the Ontario Building Code.
  • Rain barrels and eavestrough extenders will be inspected by a City official from Water/Wastewater Services.
  • Successful inspection by the City Official is mandatory to receive the subsidy.

Step Seven: Request your subsidy

  • The property owner must pay the plumber/contractor for completion of work, making sure to retain copies of all invoices and proof of payment.
  • Property owners must supply an original invoice(s) marked paid in full for eligible installation(s) from a plumber/contractor licensed by the City of Greater Sudbury. 
  • The City of Greater Sudbury will issue a cheque for the approved subsidy to the property owner. Supporting documents/receipts for rain barrels and/or eavestrough extenders will be held for ninety (90) days before the subsidy will be provided.