Complete Streets

Complete Streets

What is a Complete Street?

A complete street is designed to consider the needs of all users, such as people who walk, bicycle, take transit or drive, and people of varying ages and abilities. While not every type of use or user may be accommodated on every street, the goal is to build a city with a well-functioning street network that supports and sustains our quality of life.

There is no single way in which to make a street ‘complete’. It depends on many factors including the character and context of each particular street.

Complete Streets Policy

In June 2018, Greater Sudbury became only the 6th municipality in Ontario to officially adopt a Complete Streets Policy. (PDF, 157 KB)

Benefits of Complete Streets

  • Encourage people to walk, bicycle and take transit,
  • Better physical and mental health outcomes for people of all ages,
  • Reduce the chance of injury or death,
  • Support a better balance between motorized travel and other uses,
  • More space for landscaping, which contributes to healthier air, more shade, better stormwater management and makes our city more resilient to the effects of climate change
  • Desirable cities with a high quality of life.

Businesses want to locate and stay where streets are attractive. Residents put down roots where they can walk and bike, or socialize with fellow street users.

Background Information

See previous reports and presentations delivered to the Operations Committee of Greater Sudbury Council on the topic of Complete Streets: