Surface Treatment - Various Locations

Surface Treatment, Various Locations

The City of Greater Sudbury will be completing road improvements in several areas

Construction by the City’s contractor, Denis Gratton Construction Ltd., will be carried out between June and November, Monday to Friday, 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

Please note these timelines are subject to change.

Construction Details:

  • In-place full depth reclamation of the road surface (pulverizing)
  • Placement of Granular ‘A’
  • Maintenance of each road until surface treated
  • Emulsified asphalt surface treatment
  • Culvert replacements / ditching, as required

During construction, there may be dust and noise in the area. The City makes every effort to reduce the impact to nearby residents and business owners. Thank you for your patience as we work to improve the roads and infrastructure in your neighbourhood. The City of Greater Sudbury and its contractors are committed to public safety and will monitor the ongoing progress of construction.

Questions about construction can be directed

Project Manager:
Rebecca Gilchrist
705-674-4455 ext. 4218

Location maps

1. Goodwill Drive (Garson)

2. Goodwill Drive (Garson)

3. O’Neil Drive West (Garson)

4. O’Neil Drive West (Garson)

5. West Bay Road (Skead)

6. Spanish River Road (Worthington)

7. Spanish River Road (Worthington)

8. Spanish River Road (Worthington)

9. North Shore Black Lake (Lively)

10. Fairbank Lake Road – MR4 (Worthington)

11. Fairbank East Road (Whitefish)

12. Moxam Landing Road (Lively)

13. Grassy Lake Road (Skead)

14. Den Lou Road (Whitefish)

15. McKenzie Road (Chelmsford)

16. Bruno Street (Azilda)

17. Montee Rouleau (Chelmsford)

18. Vermilion Lake Road (Chelmsford)

19. Theriault Road (Hanmer)

20. Martin Road (Val Caron)

21. Bodson Drive West (Val Caron)

22. Frenchman Lake Road (Hanmer)

23. Tilton Lake Road (Sudbury)

24. South Lane (Sudbury)

25. Pine Hill Road (Sudbury)

26. Goodwill Drive (Garson)

27. Goodwill Drive (Garson)

28. West Bay Road (Skead)

29. West Bay Road (Skead)

30. West Bay Road (Skead)

31. Hill Street (Wahnapitae)

32. MR4 (Whitefish)

33. Morgan Road (Chelmsford)

34. Morgan Road (Chelmsford)

35. Montpellier Road (Chelmsford)

36. Edgewater Road (Sudbury)

37. Bodson Drive West (Val Caron)