MR 35 - Road Widening and Infrastructure Improvements

The City of Greater Sudbury is widening Municipal Road 35 (MR35) from Notre Dame Street East, Azilda to Highway 144, Chelmsford. The new roadway will include road widening to four lanes from Notre Dame East to Notre Dame West and to five lanes from Notre Dame West to Highway 144 (including a continued shared centre turn lane). In addition, the new roadway will include intersection improvements, traffic signal upgrades, paved shoulders with rumble strips, drainage improvements, new signage, pavement markings and guide rails, where required. Approximately 975 metres of water main upgrades will also be undertaken near the Chelmsford section of this corridor.

Project Background

MR35 is an important gateway to the community of Greater Sudbury. MR35 is an arterial road that connects the communities of Azilda, Chelmsford, Dowling, Levack, and Onaping to the downtown. The widening of MR35 to install additional driving lanes was recommended in the Sudbury Regional Transportation Study (March 1992), and reaffirmed in the 2005 Transportation Master Plan Study and the 2015 Transportation Master Plan Study for the City of Greater Sudbury.

Project Construction

Construction of MR35 began in the fall of 2018 with a culvert replacement contract.

In 2019, MR35 was widened from two (2) to four (4) lanes from Notre Dame Street East (Azilda) to Notre Dame Street West (Azilda). Intersection and drainage improvements were also completed along this section of MR35. Final layer of asphalt and restoration work to be completed in the Spring of 2020.

In 2020, construction is planned for the widening and infrastructure improvements along MR35 from Notre Dame Street West (Azilda) to Highway 144 (Chelmsford).


MR35 Photos

2018 Culvert Replacement Contract 

Key Plan

MR35 Contract 1 - Notre Dame Street East (Azilda) to Notre Dame Street West (Azilda)

MR35 Information Boards - Sept 27, 2018 

MR35 Key Plan 

MR35 Contract 2 - Highway 144 (Chelmsford) to Notre Dame Street West (Azilda)

Road and watermain improvements on Municipal Road 35 (MR35), between Highway 144 (Chelmsford) and 300 m east of Notre Dame West (Azilda) will be carried out between Summer 2020 and Fall 2021. Work will take place Monday to Friday, 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM.

Final asphalt will be completed in the Fall of 2021. Please note these timelines are subject to change.

Construction Notice

Project Overview and Next Steps