Clean Energy (PowerNow Greater Sudbury)

Every day you make energy decisions for your household, your business, your organization, and your community. Each decision sets our community on a course toward or away from a local energy economy and a clean energy future.

PowerNow Greater Sudbury

PowerNow Greater Sudbury is an 18 month community-wide planning project to create Greater Sudbury’s local, clean energy future. The goal is to explore energy opportunities as a community, and create a vision for a local energy future that supports jobs and local economic development while improving quality of life and addressing climate change impacts.

The project will bring together: energy experts, City staff and officials, local business and institutions, not-for-profit organizations, and the community.

About the Project

The project will begin in the summer of 2018. It will look at where Greater Sudbury’s energy comes from and how it is used to find ways to:

  • be more energy efficient in our transportation and buildings,
  • take advantage of renewable energy opportunities,
  • make the right energy and community investments,
  • lower energy use and expenses,
  • lower greenhouse gas emissions,
  • add jobs and improve the design of our city.

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Document Library

Greater Sudbury CEEP Presentation - April 24, 2019
Greater Sudbury CEEP Presentation - October 4, 2018

PowerNow Greater Sudbury is managed through the City’s Environmental Planning Initiatives Department, in partnership with Sustainability Solutions Group as the project consultant. The project is funded by the Federation of Canadian Municipalities and the Province of Ontario. 

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