Conditional Permits

Section 8 (2) of the Ontario Building Code Act S.O. 1992 authorizes the Chief Building Official (CB0) to issue a conditional permit for any stage of construction even though all the requirements to obtain a permit have not been met.

If the CBO determines that such requirements would cause unreasonable construction delays, the applicant would be required to enter into an agreement with the City prior to receiving the conditional permit.

Certain conditions such as a time frame for obtaining the necessary approvals and provisions to apply in the event the approvals are not obtained would form part of the agreement.

Steps to be taken by applicant if conditional permit is required:

  • A formal request to obtain a conditional building permit must be made to the City's Chief Building Official

  • Demonstrate to CBO that unreasonable construction delays would occur if a conditional permit is not granted

For additional information concerning the use of conditional permits to allow for early construction starts, contact the office of the Director of Building Services and the Chief Building Official at (705) 674-4455, ext. 4282.