Approval Process

The City's Application Process requires that you provide information about your construction project such as who, where, when and how the work will be done.

Applications for a simple alteration or addition can be processed fairly quickly, while more complex proposals may take longer.

The approval process begins with staff reviewing your application for completeness. If there are problems with your application or drawings, staff will contact you by telephone or e-mail, if address provided.

Stages of review

If a complete application is submitted and accepted for processing:

  • Zoning Review

  • Construction and Material Standards (Ontario Building Code Review)

  • Approval granted to issue permit

Other Approvals

Depending on the location and nature of your project, approval from other municipal authorities or external agencies (NDCA, Utilities or Ministry of Transportation) may be required, before your permit is issued. Staff will advise you if additional approvals are required and what you need to do to satisfy these requirements.

You are responsible for ensuring that all requirements are satisfied and that Building Services receives any required approval notices.

A permit cannot be issued until all requirements have been met.