City Looking for Community's Feedback on Phase 2 of Outdoor Court Revitalization

Mar 24, 2023

In early 2021, the City of Greater Sudbury was successful in its application for Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program funding in the amount of $4,380,000. This funding will support the revitalization of 14 outdoor tennis court facilities and 14 outdoor basketball courts across the community over the next several years. The project aims to improve the quality of Greater Sudbury’s recreation and leisure infrastructure and increase usage.
Work will also include:
•    The conversion of underutilized tennis pads in oversupplied areas, to alternative uses such as pickleball and skateboarding. This will result in a greater variety of recreational activities. Twenty-five to 30 per cent of courts have been identified for conversion.
•    Improved safety and accessibility for users through the rehabilitation/replacement of asphalt surfaces and improved pathways and entrances.
•    Improved playability of outdoor courts through installation of new netting, fencing, basketball standards and other equipment.
Work will be completed in phases. An average of four to five facilities will be scheduled for revitalization during each phase. Work began in the spring of 2022. The entire project is expected to be complete in 2027.
Phase 2 will include the revitalization of courts at these seven locations: 

• Copper Cliff Tennis Courts (0 Tennis Club Lane, Sudbury)
• Dowling Leisure Centre (79 Main St., Dowling)
• Wahnapitae Community Centre (161 Glenbower Cres., Wahnapitae)
• Elm West Playground (505 White Ave., Sudbury)
• Ryan Heights Playground (736 Bruce Ave., Sudbury)
• Downe Playground (1309 Gemmell St., Sudbury)
• Minnow Lake Place (1127 Bancroft Dr., Sudbury)

To ensure that facilities are designed to meet the needs of local neighbourhoods and communities, the City is reaching out to residents for feedback. Public consultation sessions will be held at the following locations, beginning April 4:

Tuesday, April 4, 2023 - 4 to 7 p.m.
Ryan Heights – Ryan Heights Field house 
Wahnapitae – Wahnapitae Community Centre 

Thursday, April 6, 2023 - 4 to 7 p.m.
Copper Cliff – McClellend Arena Hall

Wednesday, April 12, 2023 - 4 to 7 p.m.
Dowling – Dowling Leisure Centre
Downe Playground – Downe Playground Fieldhouse

Thursday, April 13, 2023 - 4 to 7 p.m.
Elm West – Elm West Field house
Minnow Lake Place – Minnow Lake Place Main Floor meeting room

You can also call 311 or visit to complete a survey before April 21, 2023.

Stakeholders such as the Greater Sudbury Pickleball Association, Sudbury Indoor Tennis Club, local basketball clubs, local skateboard enthusiasts, the City's Seniors Advisory Panel and Accessibility Advisory Panel, Community Action Networks and Neighbourhood Associations will also be engaged.
For more information and a list of all locations approved for renewal, visit

Phase 1

Phase 1 included the revitalization of courts at five locations: Delki Dozzi Sports Complex, Elmview Playground, Lorne Brady Park, Sixth Avenue Playground and Twin Forks Playground.

Work at the following locations was completed in 2022 (excluding acrylic resurfacing):
•    Lorne Brady Park: Court surface was paved. A 12’ fence was installed, and light standards replaced with wooden posts.
•    Elmview Playground: Granular A gravel was put down, and paving was followed by the installation of a 12’ fence.
•    Sixth Avenue Playground: Asphalt was removed, and fence posts that required replacement were removed. Granular A gravel was put down, followed by asphalt placement, installation of a 12’ fence and replacement of six light standards.

Construction will resume at the remaining locations (Delki Dozzi and Twin Forks) in spring 2023. There were project construction delays at these locations as a result of securing locates, weather conditions and material resourcing.

Acrylic resurfacing application for all locations will take place in 2023 due to temperature requirements.