City Opens Newest Roundabout in Falconbridge

Nov 3, 2022

The City of Greater Sudbury will fully open its newest roundabout at noon Friday, November 4, 2022. The roundabout joins Longyear Drive at Edison Road in Falconbridge and will be the city’s fourth roundabout since 2019.
The Longyear roundabout incorporates the following benefits over its previous, traditional intersection:

  • Changing the intersection from a left-hand turn on an ‘S-Curve’ to a roundabout reduces collisions causing injuries as there are fewer points of conflict;
  • Traffic enters a roundabout at a slower speed, keeping traffic moving and reducing unnecessary stopping, idling and air pollution;
  • A paved shoulder will be added on both sides of Edison Road with a pedestrian crossing connecting each side for enhanced pedestrian safety;
  • Trees and shrubs will be planted in the center of the roundabout. This eliminates headlight glare from oncoming traffic and removes the perception of traffic lanes coming straight through;
  • Reducing the speed limit on Longyear Drive from the roundabout onto Falconbridge Road, slows the speed of the traffic entering the community.

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