Franco-Ontarian Flag Flies Permanently at A.Y. Jackson Lookout


In honour of St-Jean-Baptiste Day, the Franco-Ontarian flag was raised yesterday morning at the A.Y. Jackson Lookout.

The flag will fly permanently at the scenic lookout as a reminder of Greater Sudbury’s rich Franco-Ontarian culture and history.

“Our city is enriched by the diversity of our residents, which is why I’m so proud to recognize Franco-Ontarians and their contributions to our community,” said City of Greater Sudbury Mayor Brian Bigger. “Council embraces our Franco-Ontarian heritage and is committed to continued support for French services at the municipality.”

The annual flag raising celebrates the strong Franco-Ontarian presence in Greater Sudbury where approximately 26 per cent of the population declares French as their mother tongue.

Over the last 18 years, the flag has been permanently raised at locations throughout the city, including Tom Davies Square, Pioneer Manor, James Jerome Sports Complex and the Flour Mill Museum.

“I’m so pleased that even during a pandemic, we are able to find a way to continue the tradition of permanently flying the Franco-Ontarian flag at a new location,” said Joanne Gervais, executive director, Association canadienne-française de l’Ontario du grand Sudbury. “I am proud to celebrate Franco-Ontarians and the Franco-Ontarian culture and I am grateful to the City for its continued support.”

The event was co-hosted by Saint-Jean Sudbury and streamed live on Facebook due to COVID-19 restrictions.

The Franco-Ontarian flag has important significance to Greater Sudbury, where it was originally conceived by Gaétan Gervais and Michel Dupuis at Laurentian University. The flag was first raised at the University of Sudbury and was officially recognized as the emblem of the Franco-Ontarian community in the Franco-Ontarian Emblem Act of 2001.

Franco-Ontarians constitute the largest French-speaking community in Canada outside of Quebec.