City Council Approves 2022 Municipal Budget

Dec 15, 2021

Following deliberations by the Finance and Administration Committee, City Council approved the 2022 municipal budget with significant investments in numerous priority areas, including housing and social services supports, active transportation, recreation, roads, winter control and water and wastewater.

The 2022 budget results in a 3.1 per cent tax increase. For a home assessed at $230,000, this means a monthly increase of approximately $8 over 2021. For a home assessed at $350,000, it means an increase of approximately $13 each month.  

“The 2022 municipal budget is a reflection of resiliency in the face of ongoing challenges brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Greater Sudbury Mayor Brian Bigger. “City Council has approved a sustainable service delivery plan focused on making significant investments into our community’s health and safety, quality of life, and economic future. I would like to thank Council and staff for their commitment to this process, and extend my appreciation to residents for sharing their budget priorities with us.” 

“The 2022 municipal budget included many challenging decisions that are necessary for the long-term financial health of our community,” said Mike Jakubo, Ward 7 Councillor and Chair of the Finance and Administration Committee. “I want to thank Council for their sound decisions and the countless hours spent establishing another balanced, comprehensive municipal budget.” 

“The 2022 budget is the City’s annual business plan,” said Ed Archer, City of Greater Sudbury Chief Administrative Officer. “It includes investments that align with the priorities set out by Council in the Strategic Plan, while maintaining the services our residents rely on every day. Thank you to staff from across the organization for their dedication and expertise in developing this plan. The teamwork and collaboration throughout this process was, once again, second to none.”       

The $661.8 million operating budget includes costs to perform routine operations and deliver Council’s approved service levels for the operation of the City’s 58 lines of business. Approximately 48 per cent of the operating budget is funded by property taxes, while the remainder comes from provincial and federal governments, grants and subsidies, user fees and other revenues. 

Highlights of investments include:

  • $743,000 to reinstate by-law enforcement part-time hours, and add additional municipal By-law Enforcement Officers to provide enhanced security at parks, municipal housing, City-owned facilities and transit.
  • $392,500 for Minnow Lake Boardwalk restoration.
  • Continued investment in Supportive Transitional Housing.

Council also approved two major projects, in principle, pending funding from senior levels of government: The development of the Valley East Twin Pad Multipurpose Sports Complex and an infrastructure renewal project for MR55/Lorne Street.

In addition, the 2022 Budget includes investments toward achieving the goals of the Community Energy and Emissions Plan through the approval of business cases for:

  • $5.5 million for construction of the Paris-Notre Dame Bikeway, contingent on funding from senior levels of government.
  • $198,000 to increase the frequency of cleaning catchbasins in the Ramsey Lake watershed, from every five years to annually, in support of the City’s environmental objectives.
  • $177,000 to convert the conversion of park lighting to LED.
  • $60,000 to develop an urban forest master plan.
  • $110.000 to develop a transit electric bus system assessment needs study and implementation plan.

Capital Budget 

The $162.4 million capital budget (excluding water and wastewater) ensures the best investment choices are made by ranking projects based on standard criteria and moving forward with the highest priorities. Nearly one-third of the capital budget is dedicated to roads and drainage projects. 

The emphasis for 2022 is on asset renewal, continuing the work required to advance previously approved multi-year projects, and continued investments in technology solutions to support significant service improvements.

Highlights of new investments in the 2022 Capital Budget include:  

  • $29.9 million continued investment in bed redevelopment at Pioneer Manor
  • $23.4 million for bridge and culvert replacement at various locations 
  • $17.5 million for arterials and collectors at various locations
  • $14.5 million for improvements to roads throughout the City
  • $5.8 million for drain and stormwater improvements including Dennie Street and Crescent Avenue in Capreol
  • $9.5 million investment in Leisure assets including roof replacement at 3 arenas, pool improvements at 5 pools, continued investment in therapeutic pool, civic cemetery mausoleum expansion and outdoor court resurfacing.  

Water/Wastewater Budget 

The 4.8 per cent water/wastewater user rate increase is in line with the long-term financial plan for the service. Municipal water and wastewater services are fully funded by end users, as mandated by the Province, with no impact on property taxes. There are approximately 48,000 water/wastewater customers in the community.

The City is responsible for more than 1,800 kilometres of water and wastewater mains and the operations of the Biosolids Management Facility, 12 wastewater treatment facilities, two water treatment facilities, 23 water supply wells, 69 sewage lift stations, 12 booster stations and nine water storage facilities. These assets are critical in the delivery of clean drinking water to residents, and the safe and environmentally responsible disposal of wastewater. 

The approved capital budget for Water and Wastewater of $42.2 million include the following significant investments:

  • $17.9 million investment in watermains and sanitary sewers
  • $17.3 million investment in water and wastewater treatment plants and other facilities
  • $6.5 million investment in master and asset management plans as well as continued investment in automatic meter reading water meters

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