Statement from Mayor Bigger

Jul 17, 2020

Friends and fellow residents,

Today we are one of the fortunate communities in Ontario entering Phase 3 of the COVID re-entry plan. We are taking this step because it was earned. It is the result of your patience, your ability to pivot and adjust to what was a new way of life since March. We have listened to the experts in public health, kept our distance, washed our hands and did so much more to mitigate the spread of this virus and crush the curve across Greater Sudbury.

As we are now able to enjoy so many of the things we used to take for granted - let's do so with the same diligence and caution as before. We are now able to be with more friends and family, but as we meet up, only do so if everyone is healthy. If you have symptoms, stay at home, get tested and wait for the results. If you are taking your kids to the park or library, if you are out shopping or dining at one of our local businesses who are now finally able to open their doors - be patient, be supportive and let's do what we can to get our city back on track. Staying safe and following the rules when it is difficult to distance is a small price that is enabling our businesses to reopen, employers to rehire and our economy to regain lost ground.

Lastly, let us keep in mind that re-opening too quickly or breaking the rules in place can have consequences. We see it every night on the news what can happen if we let our guard down while this virus is still active. None of us want to take any steps back. Our city has been a benchmark for success across Ontario for our containment of this virus' spread. In fact, I believe it is everyone’s civic duty to act responsibly, and make their best efforts to prevent a second wave of COVID-19 and another shutdown of our community. We have been smart and so very strong so far, let's keep it so we can keep on track and get closer to taking the next steps toward the healthy and vibrant Greater Sudbury that we all long for.

Mayor Brian Bigger

City of Greater Sudbury

- 30 -

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