Share Your Thoughts on the 2021 Municipal Budget

Nov 27, 2020

The City of Greater Sudbury is preparing the municipal budget for City Council’s review and approval early in 2021. The goal is to prepare a plan that delivers public services which meets the community’s highest priority needs, at a cost that includes no more than a 3.9% property tax increase over 2020. We want to hear your views on service priorities and approaches that could be considered to achieve this goal. 

The City of Greater Sudbury is in 58 lines of service, and each service is important to some segment of the community. Nonetheless, adjustments will be required to balance the budget and keep total costs within the 3.9% guideline Council established. Depending on your perspective, these adjustments have significant implications, as they require a reduction of at least $14.6 million from current budgeted levels. Just for comparison, this amount would be the equivalent cost of all the services and programs provided by Parks and Leisure.

There are several ways to make these types of reductions. Service levels could be reduced to lower the total cost. User fees could be increased to offset the reduced subsidy provided by taxpayers. Changes to how the service is delivered, for example, making it available online only, could be considered. Of course, some combination of these approaches will likely be required. 

We want to hear from you. Tell us your priorities for public services provided by your municipal government. Consider how you want your city to look, feel and work not just today, but in the years ahead. 

You are invited to learn more about the upcoming municipal budget and share feedback about the programs and services that matter most to you and your family. 

Information about the budget is available on the City’s online engagement platform, Over to You, found at Regular updates will be posted here throughout budget deliberations. 

Share what you feel is important for the year’s budget:
•    Fill out a short survey to tell us about the services and programs you use most;
•    Use the tax calculator tool to see where your current property taxes are used, and; 
•    Share ideas for spending priorities and desired service levels. 

Print versions of the survey are available at Libraries and Citizen Service Centres. Residents who may not have access to internet or cannot attend in person at a City facility to pick up their printed survey, can call 311 for assistance. 

Due to COVID-19, online engagement will available throughout November and December, closing on December 31. In-person engagement opportunities will, out of necessity, be limited.

Those wishing to provide additional comments with the Mayor and Council as they prepare the budget are welcome to email

More information about the 2021 Budget is available at