GOVA Transit Adjusts Routes and Schedules Effective Saturday, April 18

Apr 17, 2020

GOVA Transit is responding to declining ridership and the need for physical distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic. Starting Saturday, April 18, 2020, public transit will reduce frequency of service on most routes and suspend some routes until further notice. Updated routes and schedules are available online at and Printed schedules will be mailed on request by calling 705-675-3333.

The decision to modify GOVA routes and schedules follows a 70 per cent decrease in ridership on weekdays and a 50 per cent decrease on weekends since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. The community’s response to prevent the spread of the virus has resulted in an average of less than 15 passengers per bus during peak times on major routes.

The goal of GOVA Transit is to continue to meet the transportation needs of residents at a maximum of 50 per cent capacity per bus to ensure proper physical distancing. Reduced schedules and suspended routes will free available resources to deploy two buses whenever possible at peak times on heavier travelled routes.

Additional measures to support physical distancing on public transit continue. There is no fare collection. Passengers must enter and exit buses through the rear doors except for accessibility purposes.

The Downtown Transit Hub at 9 Elm St. is temporarily closed. Buses continue to pick up and drop off passengers from the outside platforms. Passengers are encouraged to practice physical distancing at bus stops and at the Downtown Transit Hub.

GOVA Transit continues to monitor service on a daily basis. Further adjustments may be necessary based on operator availability and ongoing rider demand. Passengers with questions or concerns about new routes and schedules are encouraged to contact GOVA Transit at or at 705-675-3333.

GOVA Routes and Schedules effective April 18, 2020:

  • All schedules have adjusted times for the arrival and departure of buses. Early morning start times remain available.
  • Passengers are encouraged to check online for updates at or Printed schedules will be mailed on request by calling 705-675-3333.
  • Last bus departures from GOVA Transit Hubs end earlier on many routes. Ridership has significantly declined on late night schedules.
  • The following routes are temporarily suspended: Route 4 Laurentian University via Paris, Route 21 Grandview Commuter, Route 22 Grandview Local and Route 23 New Sudbury Local.
  • A transfer is now required to connect from Route 1 Main Line to Route 20 Graywood/Madison Local and Route 28 South End Local neighbourhood services.
  • Route 101 Lively will no longer travel to the South End Transit Hub at Walmart. Buses will travel directly to the Downtown Transit Hub. Buses will no longer connect for transfers in Copper Cliff. Buses serve M.R. 24 in Lively and Little Creighton only on trips departing from the Downtown Transit Hub.
  • Routes 105B and 105C to Valley East and Capreol are combined into a single route. Buses serve Outremont Boulevard and Blezard Valley only on trips travelling to the Downtown Transit Hub.
  • Saturday and Sunday schedules have identical bus arrival and departure times.