Development Charges Background Study Available for Public Comment

Apr 9, 2019

Community members are being asked to provide feedback on the Development Charges (DC) Background Study, which can be found at

DCs are a funding source used to pay for the additional municipal infrastructure required to support new development allowing growth to pay for growth. These services include new or expanded water and wastewater systems, roads and transportation infrastructure, recreation facilities, transit, fire and police facilities. They are paid by the developer or landowner at the building permit stage. 

The background study is completed every five years and calculates the DC rates based on the expected future development and the growth portion of the capital projects and infrastructure to service this new development.  

If DC revenues do not cover these growth related costs, then the growth projects may be deferred until external funding sources can be obtained or until the projects could be funded through the City’s future budgets through property taxes or water/wastewater user fees.

The proposed DC rates outlined in the study are as follows:

  • Residential DC for single family dwelling: $17,721 (decrease of $43 or 0.2%)
  • Residential DC for semi dwelling: $14,238 (increase of $130 or 0.9%)
  • Residential DC for multiples/apartments: $10,227 (decrease of $224 or 2.1%)
  • Industrial DC of $5.92 per square foot (increase of $1 per square foot or 20.3%)
  • Non-industrial (Commercial/Institutional) DC of $8.89 per square foot (decrease of $0.51 per square foot or 5.4%)

The suggested rates apply to all new or expanding residential and non-residential buildings, except those that qualify for an exemption as included in the development charges by-law.

Public comment is being accepted online at until a by-law is adopted by Council. Paper copies are available at Citizen Service Centres and libraries.

Community members and stakeholders are invited to attend a public meeting on May 7, 2019, at 6 p.m. in Council Chamber. At this meeting, residents will have the opportunity to speak and provide comment on the study. More information on registering to speak will be made available publicly nearer to the meeting date.

The draft by-law will be available online for review at and on as of April 18, 2019. The final report incorporating public feedback will be presented to Council for approval on May 28.

DC rates are set by Council every five years, in accordance with the Development Charges Act.
The current rates are in effect until June 30, 2019. For current rates and more information, visit