City Adopts Recreation Program Accommodation Policy

Jun 25, 2019

As part of its commitment to developing an inclusive, healthy and safe community, the City of Greater Sudbury adopted the Recreation Accommodation Policy at its City Council meeting of June 11, 2019.

The policy aims to identify and remove barriers to provide the same opportunities to access City recreation programs, services and facilities for all community members, regardless of age or ability.

Some highlights of the policy include:

  • ongoing training for recreation staff in relation to communication and accessibility strategies and tools;
  • all communications produced by Recreation Services will be made available in accessible formats upon request;
  • persons with disabilities may be accompanied by their support person when accessing facilities, programs and services provided by Recreation Services; and
  • persons with disabilities are welcome to use their own assistive devices when accessing recreation services or access City-owned assistive devices, where available.

Prior to its adoption, the policy was reviewed by the Accessibility Advisory Panel, the Community Services Committee and City Council to ensure it meets the needs of the community.

The policy will be reviewed regularly to ensure it continues to satisfy resident needs, changes in legislation and changes in technology.

The full policy is available at