Another way to pay: Downtown Meter Parking Easier than Ever

Jun 25, 2019

Visitors to the downtown now have another option to pay for metered parking through an online app. The HotSpot Parking app is available for download through your mobile device’s app store.

The new payment option is in addition to being able to pay at a meter with coins, which remains unchanged. 

“A thriving downtown benefits our entire community by increasing economic development and growth,” said City of Greater Sudbury Mayor Brian Bigger. “Investment and improvements to our downtown continue to be a priority of your City Council, and this online app provides residents with an additional way to pay for parking, making it even more convenient to visit.”

The app, created by Canadian company HotSpot Parking, allows drivers to pay with a mobile device using their licence plate number, meter number and a credit card or visa debit. Membership options are available based on the expected frequency of use by a parking patron, ranging from a yearly fee of $20 to a pay-per-use convenience fee of $0.17.

Users will receive 30 minutes of free parking when they set up their account and will benefit from a number of features:

  • Running late? Top up your parking time from your phone instead of having to run back to the meter.
  • Back early? Refund unused time back to your account for future parking sessions. 
  • Lost track of time? The app will notify you when your meter is close to expiring. You’ll also get updates on any parking disruptions happening in the downtown.
  • Businesses will also be able to validate their customers’ parking session remotely.

“We are very excited to be partnering with HotSpot as they bring their pay-by-phone app to Greater Sudbury,” said City of Greater Sudbury General Manager of Corporate Services Kevin Fowke. “This app is one step in a series of upcoming modernizations to downtown parking that ensures we continue to improve the experience for all visitors, while streamlining processes and creating efficiencies and parking capacity.”

To celebrate its launch in Greater Sudbury, HotSpot and Downtown Sudbury are offering residents who sign up for the app by Friday, June 28, one hour of free parking.

Residents are invited learn more about the mobile app at or by watching a short video.