City Appoints Integrity Commissioner

Jul 11, 2018

The City of Greater Sudbury has appointed Robert Swayze as Integrity Commissioner coinciding with the beginning of the next term of Council on December 1, 2018.

“Openness, accountability and transparency have been key principles that I have worked on with Council throughout this term of Council and the appointment of Mr. Swayze as Integrity Commissioner is another important step we have taken to ensure these high standards of governance are maintained,” said City of Greater Sudbury Mayor, Brian Bigger. 

The Integrity Commissioner will be responsible for advising Councillors and local board members on matters relating to conduct and ethics, investigate complaints regarding these matters, and make findings as to whether complaints are unsubstantiated or not. 

“Mr. Swayze has significant experience serving as Integrity Commissioner for numerous Ontario municipalities and is a practising lawyer with expertise in municipal law,” said Eric Labelle, City of Greater Sudbury City Solicitor and Clerk. “His extensive background in these areas will be a benefit to the City in the coming years.”

Mr. Swayze was the successful proponent following the issuance of an RFP in accordance with the City’s purchasing bylaw. A two-stage process, including scoring of qualifications and an interview, was conducted by an evaluation team. The bid price, which is based on the estimated service requirements for five years is $96,615.

A draft of the City’s Code of Conduct along with an Integrity Commissioner Complaint Protocol will be presented to City Council this fall.

Complaints regarding staff activity that could be deemed illegal, dishonest, wasteful, or a violation of City policy will continue to be addressed by the City’s Wrongdoing Hotline