Traffic Update- Seismic Testing

Oct 19, 2017

Seismic testing by Laurentian University will see a large truck (see picture attached) placing sensors on the shoulder of the road. Every few kilometres the truck stops and vibrations are sent through the ground. The truck moves slowly and may cover up to 13 kilometres in a day. The work has already begun and will continue until mid to late November. The truck will run 24 hours a day and will make their way to the following roads:

North Range Mine Road
Moose Mountain Mine Road
Dennie Street, Capreol
MR 84 Capreol Road
Portelance Road
Capreol Lake Road
Dupuis Drive, Hanmer
Radar Road, Hanmer/Garson
West Bay Road, Capreol
MacLennan Mine Road, Skead
Skead Road, Garson/Skead
Pipeline Road, Falconbridge
Longyear Drive, Falconbridge
Highway 86 (Falconbridge Road), Falconbridge
Colinization Road, Wahnapitae
Fram Road, Wahnapitae
Jourdrey Road, Wahnapitae
Kari Road, Wahnapitae