New Locations Added to City Winter Sidewalk Maintenance

Nov 2, 2017

The City of Greater Sudbury will be expanding the sidewalk winter maintenance program to include an additional 26 kilometres this year. This includes existing sidewalks that did not previously receive winter maintenance and newly constructed sidewalk sections. 

In line with Council’s priorities of a more walkable community and the support of alternative forms of transportation, this increased winter sidewalk maintenance will improve year-round mobility for pedestrians in support a healthy community. 

There are approximately 440 kilometres of sidewalk in the City of Greater Sudbury. With the addition of these new winter maintenance sidewalk sections, the City will now maintain approximately 351 kilometres of the total 440 kilometres. Specialty sidewalk plows have been purchased to accommodate narrower sidewalk sections that were previously unmaintained. Areas in Falconbridge, Lively, Levack, Onaping, Coniston, Garson, Copper Cliff, the Donovan, the Flour Mill, the West End, the Valley and other areas of Sudbury will be included in the new winter sidewalk maintenance program.

Winter sidewalk maintenance involves plowing and sanding areas to reduce slip hazards and  provide safe access for pedestrians during the winter months. During non-snow or ice events, sidewalks are patrolled regularly and are spot plowed and/or sanded as necessary.  

Residents are reminded not to park their vehicles on sidewalks or obstruct them in any way. This allows pedestrians to walk safely and ensures that maintenance equipment can clear the sidewalks effectively.

For information and locations of the new winter maintained sidewalks sections please visit