City of Greater Sudbury Presents Proposed 2018 Budget

Nov 8, 2017

The proposed 2018 municipal budget was presented to Council at the regular meeting of the Finance and Administration Committee tonight. As directed by Council, staff presented a plan which incorporates many of Council’s priorities and maintains existing service levels. 

The budget outlines the City’s business plans for the upcoming year, and related costs and revenues associated with delivering the services residents rely on every day. It focuses on the relationship between the services the municipality provides and the associated costs to deliver them. This year’s budget incorporates benchmarks to identify Greater Sudbury’s performance compared to other municipalities to further emphasize the value the City places on the delivery of quality, reliable, consistent services for residents.

“I want to thank staff for the excellent work that has gone into the production of this budget,” said Finance and Administration Committee Chair Councillor Mike Jakubo. “Council will now take the time to review the proposed budget and I am looking forward to many constructive conversations during budget deliberations.” 

The 2018 proposed operating budget is $562 million, which, with recommended service level changes, amounts to a 3.5 % property tax increase. For a typical home with an assessed value of $230,000, this is equivalent to an increase of approximately $101 above 2017 taxes, or $8.42 a month. At Council’s direction, business cases will be provided for Council’s consideration to reduce the property tax increase to 3 % or 2.5 %.

Council also directed staff to include a 7.4 % user rate increase for water/wastewater services, consistent with the service area’s financial plan.  

Additionally, staff is recommending a special 1.5 % capital levy. This would translate to a $3.75 million investment to strengthen the quality and reliability of the City’s capital assets like roads and facilities.

The proposed 2018 capital budget is $162 million. It includes infrastructure investments to improve services to the community, and reduce the risk of service interruptions caused by the failure of assets that have reached the end of, or have exceeded, their useful service lives.

“The 2018 budget maintains focus on services and performance, with an emphasis on engagement, openness and accountability,” said City of Greater Sudbury Chief Administrative Officer Ed Archer. “It clearly illustrates how property taxes are used to deliver services, and how they benefit our entire community. I am looking forward to continuing to deliver positive results to the residents of Greater Sudbury through the budget, our annual business plan.” 

The Finance and Administration Committee is scheduled to deliberate and approve the 2018 budget at its December 5, 6, and 7 meetings. City Council will then be asked to approve the budget at its December 12 meeting. 

All Council and Committee meetings are open to the public and live streamed at Residents are encouraged to attend or tune in to get involved in this important municipal process. 

Visit to stay informed on the budget process, and to view the proposed 2018 budget.