Active Transportation Improvements on the Kingsway

Aug 3, 2017

The City of Greater Sudbury will begin construction of a sidewalk and boulevard from Silver Hills Drive to just west of Bancroft Drive on the north side of the Kingsway, starting Tuesday, August 8. Introduction of a sidewalk and boulevard on this previously undeveloped side of the Kingsway will provide safe access to bus stops and will also enable residents to walk to or between destinations in the corridor.

Construction on the Kingsway will close the westbound curb lane between Silver Hills Drive and Bancroft Drive. Throughout the duration of this project, the contractor will make every effort to maintain four lanes of traffic on the Kingsway.

To maintain two lanes in the construction zone, the centre turn lane will be dedicated to westbound traffic. Motorists are advised to watch for vehicles waiting to turn left from both eastbound and westbound outside lanes.

At times during construction, westbound traffic will be down to one lane only, as crews work to remove and replace asphalt in the curb lane.  Access to local businesses in the construction zone will be maintained at all times.

In some areas, where property is required or where utilities need to be relocated, a continuous asphalt surface will be provided. Design plans accommodate potential future expansion of traffic lanes to include a continuous centre turn lane west of Kitchener Ave on the Kingsway. Long-term plans will extend the sidewalk and boulevard to connect with existing sidewalk at Kitchener Avenue to Downtown Sudbury, as funds and properties become available.

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Active Transportation Improvements on the Kingsway are made possible through the Canada-Ontario Public Transit Infrastructure Fund (PTIF).  The Government of Canada is cost-matching a municipal investment of $1.35 million for infrastructure improvements under the administration of the Ontario Ministry of Transportation.