What You Should Know About Water Meters

Feb 26, 2016

Homeowners are responsible for the safekeeping and care of their indoor water meter and outdoor remote reader.

It’s important to keep access to the remote reader free from snow, fences, hedges, gardens, and other obstructions so that readings can be obtained. 

A water meter is typically located in the basement, along the front wall and near the floor. It is recommended that homeowners inspect their water meter once a month for cracks or other damage. If possible homeowners should periodically open, close, and then reopen the two isolation valves located on either side of the water meter to prevent valves from seizing. Also, homeowners planning a renovation or construction project should contact the City of Greater Sudbury’s Water Meter Shop to discuss whether relocation of the water meter and/or remote will be required.

Water meters are owned by the City of Greater Sudbury and only personnel from municipal water/wastewater services are authorized to install, adjust or perform any other related work. Personnel are also entitled to inspect water meters whenever necessary to investigate abnormal fluctuations in water consumption. Residents will be contacted if a water meter inspection is necessary.

Failure to provide protection for water meters and remote readers may result in charges or fees. For more information or assistance, please dial 3-1-1.