Confidential Hotline Accepts Proof or Suspicion of Municipal Wrongdoing

Jun 1, 2016

The City of Greater Sudbury has initiated a process to accept, track and resolve complaints regarding suspicion or proof of wrongdoing within municipal government. The Wrongdoing Hotline is a confidential service that empowers citizens, employees and contractors to submit reports through a secure online form at or through an impartial service provider at 705-688-7588.

“The Wrongdoing Hotline underscores Council’s commitment to accountability and transparency,” said Mayor Brian Bigger. “Whistleblower protection is a true cornerstone of democracy and open government. Each report will undergo an appropriate, objective and impartial investigation, while ensuring the anonymity of the complainant.”

Wrongdoing is defined as any kind of activity that could be deemed illegal, dishonest and wasteful of municipal resources or a deliberate violation of city policy. It includes theft, fraud or abuse of position or authority within municipal government.

Complaints may be filed regarding City of Greater Sudbury employees, management, contractors, Mayor, Members of Council and political office staff. Agencies, boards and wholly-owned corporations of the city are exempt from the hotline and must be contacted directly.

“We are committed to serving our community,” said Director of Human Resources and Organizational Development Kevin Fowke. “A formal process to resolve complaints, or to expose undesirable activities, is a welcome addition to our policies and standards for quality citizen service.”

Each complaint is assigned a case number and a password, so complainants can follow the progress of the investigation or submit further information. Whistleblower policy offers protection to City of Greater Sudbury employees and contractors submitting reports to the hotline.

Greater Sudbury’s 3-1-1 Call Centre will continue to accept complaints, questions and requests for assistance, outside of suspicion or proof of wrongdoing. Complaints related to City of Greater Sudbury programs, services, facilities, or staff members may be forwarded by the 3-1-1 Call Centre to senior levels of management when issues have not been resolved to the satisfaction of the complainant.

More information about the City of Greater Sudbury’s complaint resolution management process is available at