City of Greater Sudbury Supports Local Community Groups in Syrian Refugee Sponsorship Efforts 

Jan 5, 2016

The City of Greater Sudbury is proud to support local volunteers in their efforts to provide a new home for families fleeing war-torn Syria.The Province of Ontario has committed to welcome 10,000 of the 25,000 Syrians coming to Canada. One family arrived in Greater Sudbury just in time to ring in the New Year on December 31 and another three families are confirmed to arrive in Greater Sudbury by March 2016. 

Efforts are being coordinated through the City of Greater Sudbury website at The website includes an up-to-date listing of community groups who are currently working to sponsor refugee families, frequently asked questions about the refugee crisis and sponsorship opportunities, and a current events section that will feature community events hosted by sponsors.

“I am so proud of the community-wide support and all the work that is being done to help bring refugees to Greater Sudbury for a best start in their new lives,” said Mayor Brian Bigger. “I also want to extend thanks to Councillors Deb McIntosh and Lynne Reynolds for their hard work and commitment to help match residents who want to get involved with local community groups.”

Residents interested in sponsoring a refugee family have three options: a group of five can apply together, a community organization, such as a church, school or other group, can become a sponsor, and an organization that has ties to refugees and a formalized agreement with Citizenship and Immigration Canada can also qualify.

Sponsors are required to cover the essential cost of living for a refugee or a refugee family for one year. Including rent, furniture, transportation and food, the Government of Canada estimates up to $13,000 to support one refugee and about $30,000 for a family of four. For those who want to help, but not act as a sponsor themselves, can donate to community groups who are already established. Residents who would like to partner with a local community group, sponsor a family or volunteer their time are encouraged to email