City of Greater Sudbury Presented with $10,000 Excellence in Municipal Risk Management Award

Feb 11, 2016

For Immediate Release
Thursday, February 11, 2016

Frank Cowan Company proudly presented the City of Greater Sudbury with the Excellence in Municipal Risk Management Award valued at $10,000 during the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) Sustainable Communities Conference Award Ceremony, February 10, 2016 in Ottawa, Ontario.

The City of Greater Sudbury received the award for implementing an innovative new scoring process that puts more ownership on contractors to respond to concerns and complaints made by citizens. Contractors are now required to identify a person of authority who will respond directly to citizens’ claims and are graded on every job site, not just for their construction work, but for their consideration of the general public with respect to damage.

Due to the success of this initiative not only are there fewer claims being presented to the City but the time that was spent by the adjusters on contractor’s claims directed to the City has been greatly reduced.

“I would like to thank the Frank Cowan Company for recognizing this innovative, low-cost program, which can be used to the benefit of municipalities across the country,” said Greater Sudbury Mayor Brian Bigger. “At the City of Greater Sudbury, we strive to provide quality municipal services to our residents, but also to find cost-savings and minimize risks to the organization. The Excellence in Municipal Risk Management Award is a testament to our hard work and dedication in continually improving services and savings throughout the organization.”

Frank Cowan Company is dedicated to assisting municipalities implement risk management practices that help reduce claims frequency and severity. This award recognizes the advancements of the practice of risk management in the municipal sector.

“As an MGA, we believe in providing an opportunity for all Canadian municipalities to share good risk management practices. If good ideas like the one created by the City of Greater Sudbury are implemented across the county we are able to create stronger, safer communities. I would like to thank all who applied and congratulate the City of Greater Sudbury on winning the 2016 award,” said Larry Ryan, President, Frank Cowan Company.

The award, valued at $10,000, is open to every municipality in Canada. To qualify, a municipality needs to have recognized a risk within their operations and developed and successfully implemented a solution that prevents harm or injury to its assets or a third party. The risk management solution must also have the potential to be adopted by other municipalities.

As a Corporate Partner of the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM), the Excellence in Municipal Risk Management Award will be presented each year at the FCM Sustainable Communities Conference and Trade Show.

Frank Cowan Company, a leader in municipal insurance for over eight decades,
continues to invest heavily in its risk management program in an effort to help clients
become more proactive and enabled. A solid risk management plan helps municipalities
control costs associated with claims, litigation and expenses.


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About the City of Greater Sudbury

Greater Sudbury is geographically the largest city in Ontario and the most populous in northern Ontario with over 160,000 residents. Offering a unique mix of urban amenities and natural surroundings, Greater Sudbury is a recognized international leader in regreening. A centre for mining expertise, research, education, and government services, Greater Sudbury has a flourishing and diversified economy that contributes to the global economy. For more information, visit

Photo Caption: From left: Robert Walz Coordinator of Insurance and Risk Management, City of Greater Sudbury, Barb Szychta VP Risk Management Services, Frank Cowan Company, Brock Carlton CEO of FCM.