Municipal Beaches Are Open for Summer Recreation

Jul 9, 2015

The City of Greater Sudbury wants to remind citizens that supervised beaches are open and safe for swimming and recreational use, including the Bell Park Main Beach on Ramsey Lake, Nephawin Beach, Capreol Public Beach, Meatbird Lake Park, and Whitewater Lake Park. Lifeguards are on duty seven days a week from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Recently, possible blue-green algal blooms have been observed in the vicinity of Moonlight Beach and Camp Sudaca on Ramsey Lake and Kalmo Beach on Whitson Lake. Signs will remain posted on these supervised beaches; however, it is safe to swim if algal blooms are not present in the area. Municipal lifeguards are trained to identify blue-green algal blooms and will alert swimmers should blooms drift into beach areas.

Citizens are reminded to watch for blue-green algal blooms in unsupervised beach areas and when lifeguards are off duty. The Sudbury & District Health Unit has advised that blooms have been observed in the vicinity of Bell Park Amphitheatre, Bell Grove and Canoe Club unsupervised beaches on Ramsey Lake and Kalmo Beach on Whitson Lake in Val Caron.

Blue-green algae is a natural occurrence that can be found in all lakes. Warm temperatures and excess phosphorous can stimulate blooms. The City of Greater Sudbury is one of the first municipalities to restrict the use of lawn fertilizers containing phosphorus. Residents are asked to avoid washing their cars with phosphorous soaps, that can enter the water system via storm sewers, and to properly maintain septic systems.

Blue-green algal blooms have an unsightly pea soup appearance and foul smell, and can produce toxins. If a bloom is present, do not swim or drink the water and do not permit pets in the water. Because blooms are not anchored, they can move from one location to another through wind and water action. New blooms can also form.

More information about blue-green algae and alerts affecting local beaches are available at the Sudbury & District Health Unit website at or dial 705-522-9200, ext. 398. Information about City of Greater Sudbury municipal beaches and healthy lakes initiatives are available at or dial 3-1-1.