Greater Sudbury City Council Repeals Store Hours By-laws

Dec 9, 2014

City Council has voted to repeal the store hours by-laws based on a favourable response by the public in the October 27, 2014 election on the referendum questions. Voters were asked to vote on three questions, which were to allow stores to open Boxing Day, Civic holiday and to allow store owners to choose their own business hours. Although fewer than 50% of voters voted  on the three questions, making the referendum non-binding, the majority of citizens who did vote on the questions voted “yes” to each of them.

Effective today,  By-Law 2007-143, which requires certain stores to be closed on Boxing Day, and the August Civic Holiday, and also By-Law 2004-204 which mandates at what time stores must close in the evening, have been repealed. This grants retail establishments the right to choose their hours of operation, including their hours on the August Civic holiday and Boxing Day.

“The will of the community was expressed in the October 27 referendum. There was an overwhelmingly positive response to all three questions to repeal the store hours, and to have stores open on Civic Holiday and Boxing Day,” said Mayor Brian Bigger. “I’m pleased that Council was able to come to a decision regarding the store hours, and now we can put the issue to rest.”

Since the by-laws have been repealed, the decision made by Council is effective immediately.
For more information regarding the store hours by-law or to see the results of the referendum please visit and search for “referendum.”