Street Sweeping Schedule

Schedule for the week of May 21, 2024



  • All areas completed

Curbless Roads

  • All areas completed

Curbed Roads

  • McCrea Heights
  • Val Caron
  • Val Therese
  • Hanmer
  • Lively
  • Naughton

Completed Work to Date


  • All areas completed

Curbless Roads

  • All areas completed

Curbed Roads

  • Ramsey Lake watershed
  • Wahnapitae
  • Flour Mill
  • Coniston
  • Falconbridge
  • Azilda
  • Chelmsford
  • Garson
  • Onaping
  • Copper Cliff
  • Donovan
  • South End
  • New Sudbury
  • Levack
  • Dowling
  • Capreol
  • Downtown




    *Please note that this schedule can change depending on the weather and garbage collection routes.

    How Does Street Sweeping Work?

    City and contractor crews work together to sweep the entire city. We prioritize and schedule areas for sweeping to take into account different factors.

    Areas that are swept first include:

    • Ramsey Lake area to protect our drink water source.
    • high pedestrian traffic areas such as the downtown centre,
    • high risk drainage areas to ensure resident safety and to protect our waterways from runoff. 

    What can the street-sweeping process look like?

    1. A water truck will apply water to the area before the sweeping begins.
    2. A sidewalk sweeper will then sweep the sand from the sidewalk onto the boulevard.
    3. Another piece of equipment will follow and sweep the sand away from the boulevard or curb onto the street for simpler pick up.
    4. A conveyor sweeper will pick up the sand from the street and place it into a dump truck.
    5. A sweeper truck will follow to pick up any remaining sand

    It can take several passes to remove the sand and debris. Although equipment will follow each other, it can take some time in between passes for the next piece of equipment to come by. 

    Why are some of the streets in my area swept and some aren’t?

    The City has partnered with a contractor to sweep all areas of our community. The work has been coordinated between the partners to ensure efficiency. Based on the sweeping schedule, equipment available, and type of road, one street may be on a route that is swept by a different crew than another.

    The type of street determines who will be performing the work:

    Roads with a curb and sidewalk and/or boulevards

    • City crews sweep the sand from the sidewalks and boulevards onto the street along the curb.
    • The contractor sweeps the road and picks up the sand along the curb.
    • This can take a number of passes with a number of days between each pass.

    Roads with curb and no sidewalk

    • City or contractor crews sweep the sand from the road and pick up the sand along the curb.

    Roads without curb

    • City crews sweep the sand from the road.

    Inclement weather can impact the street sweeping operations. The City and our contractor are working diligently to complete the program.