Street Sweeping & Spring Clean Up

Street Sweeping & Spring Clean Up

Street Sweeping Schedule

Street sweeping will begin the week of April 8, 2024. You can view the work plan here.

Spring Road Clean Up

Each year, City staff and contractors conduct a spring clean up of our road network which includes:

  • drainage mitigation (ditching and snow removal)
  • pothole repair
  • street sweeping
  • line painting

City crews work as quickly as possible to clean up over 3,560 kilometers of roadway in the spring. Our crews appreciate your patience as they work to make our city cleaner and to improve our vast road network.

Type of Activity Work Performed Schedule
Drainage Activities
  • Removing ice build-up in ditches
  • Opening up catch basins and culverts
  • Snow bank removal
  • Work begins in late winter and early spring in preparation of spring thaw and run-off.
Pothole Repair
  • Daily deployment of crews to repair potholes 
  • Pothole repairs take place year-round
  • Freeze-thaw cycles make potholes more prevalent in the spring months of March, April and May, so you will see many crews repairing potholes during these months.
Street Sweeping
  • Sidewalk and street sweeping
  • Begins in late April and runs through mid-June.
  • Most sweeping must wait until the temperature is consistently above zero and no more major winter weather events are expected.
Line Painting
  • Lines painted on roads
  • Begins only once streets and sidewalks are cleaned.
  • Typically begins in mid-May throughout the spring, summer and fall months.