Significant Weather Event

Significant Weather Event


The Significant Weather Event Communication Protocol will enhance communications with both Council and residents should the City declare a Significant Weather Event.

A “Significant Weather Event” is defined as an approaching or occurring weather hazard with the potential to pose a significant danger to users of the highways within a municipality. Weather Hazards are determined by Environment Canada as meeting the criteria for the issuance of an alert under its Public Weather Alerting Program.

This declaration suspends the standard timelines required for municipalities to meet their winter maintenance objectives until the municipality declares the significant weather event has ended. Once an SWE has ended, standard timelines for winter maintenance activities will begin.

The intent of a declaration is to notify the public that due to the current weather conditions, caution is to be exercised when travelling on the City’s streets and sidewalks, and that it may take longer than usual to restore them to the normal condition.

Significant Weather Event - A step-by-step guide (pdf)

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