Private Property Parking Enforcement

Property owners who notice unauthorized vehicles parking on their property can apply for a licence with the City to ticket vehicles on their property. You may also request to have unauthorized vehicles towed. 

The by-law for Private Property Parking Control Officers allows City staff to appoint Private Property Parking Control Officers without presenting a new by-law to Council each time.

Who Can Become a Private Property Parking Control Officer

To become a Private Property Parking Control Officer and write tickets for parking violations you must be the property owner or have a written letter of authorization from the property owner to issue tickets on the property.

How To Apply

Fill out an application form

  • Download our application form or pick one up at the Compliance and Enforcement Services office at Tom Davies Square.

Include the following information with your application form:

  • $183 licence fee.
  • Proof of Date of Birth – Birth Certificate or Driver’s Licence.
  • Current Certificate of Insurance – not less than $2 million for general liability per occurrence basis.
  • Written consent from the property owner authorizing parking enforcement by the applicant or the applicant’s employer, or proof that the applicant is the property owner.
  • Criminal Record Check (dated within 90 days) or valid Security Guard or Private Investigator’s Licence. The cost of getting a Criminal Record Check is not included within the application fee.

Mail or drop off your application package to:

Compliance and Enforcement Services
Tom Davies Square, Main Floor
200 Brady St., Sudbury
P3A 5P3

Licence Approval

The wait time for approval of an application is approximately one week. Once your licence is approved, you must successfully complete a training session on how to issue parking tickets.

Compliance and Enforcement Services will inspect the private property to ensure that required signs are in place for enforcement.

Licence Expiry and Renewal

Your Private Property Parking Control Officer licence expires annually on your birthday. 
To renew your licence you must submit an application form, and all of the same documentation as with an initial application. 

Employment and Personal Information Changes

You must forward any changes to employment, location of employment and personal information to City of Greater Sudbury Compliance and Enforcement Services within five days.

Contact Information

For more information, please contact City of Greater Sudbury Compliance and Enforcement Services, 705-674-4455, extension 2320 or email

Tow Request

  • If you are a private property owner you can have unauthorized vehicles towed from your property.   
  • Fill out the Towing Form (PDF, 25 KB) 
  • Fax it to Compliance and Enforcement Services at 705-671-0871 or drop it off in person to Compliance and Enforcement Services located on the first floor at 200 Brady St., Sudbury.

An officer will contact a towing company and have the vehicle removed and impounded.  The towing company collects the towing fee from the owner of the property.